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About us

Clean & Health & Eco BAULA is a new creation company orientated to the development, with ecological and sustainable way, of the cleanness sector and detergent products.

Our base, worldwide patented and result of an extensive scientific research process, is in the manufacture and Distribution of any product of cleanliness in individual capsule format and of easy dissolution. Our force resides in the aptitude to make any product of the cleanliness sector (Degreaser, Mop, Glass Cleaner, Disinfectant, Bleach, etc.) with compact way and with more efficiency than the actual market products.

Our products, with APPLUS and Eurofins certificates, are made following the strict procedure of safety about our sector, supporting the maximum efficiency and incorporating a new variable, which is the ecosystem sustainability, using non abrasive materials and assuming a wide commitment with the ecology and the environment.

The Baula turtle is the biggest marine turtle and one of the oldest alive reptiles of the world. In addition, has survived to more than hundred millions of years, but now she is fighting to the extinction

How it works?

¿Cómo funciona?

Our products

  • Baños


    Sanitising and anti-limescale effects in the cleaning of all bath surfaces.

  • Suelos


    Cleaning for kinds of surfaces including sinthetic, bath and stainless steel.

  • Multiusos


    Multipurpose product for glass and surfaces. It is also suitable for stainless steel and glaze surfaces.

  • Desengrasante


    Degreaser product to clean all kinds of hard surfaces.

  • Higienizante


    Multipurpose sanitiser to get rid of bacteria and malodours.


Traditional System

  • Multipurpose
  • Bathroom
  • Floors
  • Degreaser

Concentrated System

  • Multipurpose Concentrated
  • Bathroom Concentrated
  • Floor Concentrated
  • Degreaser Concentrated

Its advantages

  1. Your space optimize Keep in any place
  2. Less weight Easy to carry on and to use
  3. Immediate effect Fast dissolution. Active bubbles
  4. Easy to use Without shaking. Maximum effervescence. Total efficiency
  5. Economic Plastic residues saving. Exact dose. Maximum adaptability and ubiquity


The reduced volume of our product will allow to optimize our transport logistic in a near future.






  • EcologicEcológico
    • Water–soluble product
    • Plastic and packaging reduce above 90%
    • 0% of organic residual in his deterioration process
    • We respect our environment: Less CO2 emissions
  • HealthSalud
    • Minimum manipulation
    • Worried with well–being
    • Without work risks
    • 95% weight reduction
    • Identifiable products
  • SocialSocial
    • Environment worry
    • We’re involved in the pattern consumption sustainability

Market sector

  • Hoteles


  • Empresas limpieza

    Cleaning companies

  • Sanidad

    Health service

  • Industria


  • Horeca


Environmental commitment

Environmental commitment

Less than 85% of plastic in the oceans
Empresas limpieza
Less than 270.00T of CO2 emission to the atmosphere
1.700.000L of water are saved
Less tree felling in all the planet
Big economic save in any washed

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